The following blog is covering an area in the 8th node of Functional Medicine – the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Factors node.

Shiatsu connects the mind, body and soul to bring the life force into balance, encourage flow and remind the individual of their own healing capabilities. It’s a healing art that allows you to reunite with your soul and exist within your truth.

Discovering Shiatsu

I discovered Shiatsu relatively early on after I’d spent a lot of my young life suffering with anxiety, stress and severe lack of confidence. Even though I had grown up in a safe and loving environment, I was often challenged by my fears and low self-esteem. After years of struggle, my Mother began to seek out alternative therapies that might allow me to overcome these issues as I was reluctant to try out conventional medicine. It wasn’t until our discovery of Shiatsu that we found a therapy that fit.

Shiatsu as a Healing Therapy

The recommendation for this therapy had come from my neighbour – whose son had recently and very sadly passed away from skin cancer. Following his death, she had found the help she needed to cope with her grief through Shiatsu. As my neighbour knew all about my difficulties growing up, she recommended her Shiatsu Practitioner to me and I had my very first session the following week.

My First Shiatsu Session

My first Shiatsu session was a revelation! I enjoyed it immensely and looked forward to every single one I went to after that. Shiatsu made a huge difference to me personally and, over time, transformed me from a teenage girl struggling with life – into a woman able to confidently take on the challenges of life.

What’s Shiatsu Like?

It’s hard to describe exactly what Shiatsu is like because it’s slightly different for everyone. But for me, as soon as you feel that mindful touch and the intention to help heal yourself that comes with it, you can let go of everything. It’s truly uplifting. I’m able to be free of all my thoughts, feelings, aches and pains. It allows me to just fall into me and be my truth. The positive effects not only stay with me throughout the treatment but for hours, if not days, after.

A Holistic Therapy

Shiatsu is a holistic therapy – meaning that body, mind and soul are all integrated in the treatment as one. Over time, Shiatsu enables the healing abilities of the body to awaken and remember who it is, balancing disruptions in the body’s energy flow.

With all these benefits for the receiver, it’s hardly surprising that Shiatsu is my chosen therapy. But as my passion for Shiatsu has developed, I’ve also discovered the benefits of giving Shiatsu too.

Shiatsu and the Joy of Giving

I have my first Shiatsu Therapist to thank for not only opening my universe to Shiatsu – but also for giving me the idea of becoming a Practitioner myself.

Long ago, she’d told me that she thought I’d be really good at giving Shiatsu and this thought stuck with me for years after, until I eventually plucked up the confidence to embark on Shiatsu training. I first went to University to earn my degree in Geo informatics and then began my training to become a Shiatsu practitioner.

I fully qualified as a Shiatsu practitioner in December 2017 – and over the course of my 3-year Zen Shiatsu Training I have learned a vast amount about the human body, the use of Qi, Chinese medicine, the origins of Shiatsu, Meridians, Acupuncture points and even more about myself.

Having been on the receiving end of this treatment for many years, I now often find that giving Shiatsu can be an even more rewarding experience for me than receiving. The success and change in receivers that one can achieve through mindfulness, compassionate touch and intention with Shiatsu is fascinating and something that I always look forward to being a part of and exploring further.

Written by Daniela Voit